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Experience a life-changing spiritual journey to the Holy Land.

Update: We are now offering limited tours to the Holy Land. Please contact us if you are interested!

Tours & Pilgrimages

Holy Land 360 offers immersive and experiential tours, providing spiritual, historical, and cultural context often overlooked by other Holy Land tours. Learn from locals, sample the food, and experience the sites and sounds of a land immersed in cultural and religious diversity.

Customize your Adventure

We can tailor your Holy Land experience to emphasize your request. Want to stay at high-end hotels? Or maybe you want to travel on a budget? Want to meet local leaders in the area to discuss economics, history, or the region's politics? Or maybe you want to move from site to site and see as much as you can while you're here? Perhaps you want to walk the Samaritan road or bike around the sea of Galilee? Or maybe you want the ultimate relaxation trip to focus on Jesus. We can set up the journey of a lifetime with our friends at The Holy Land Trust.


The Catholic holy land tour is an opportunity to explore the spiritual underpinnings of the Holy Land, including how geography, history, and culture have shaped individual and theological understandings. Those who join us will be able to engage with locals at a more authentic, personal level, coming to a deeper appreciation of their experiences, their understanding of God’s plan, and their sense of how we can be brought together through love. An exploration of the Holy Land's history, culture, and spirituality can make this a profound experience, helping participants build a deeper and more grounded faith.

This Catholic pilgrimage to the holy land will be a unique experience, allowing you to pray as you walk the footsteps of Jesus beside other Catholics. Masses will be performed at sites throughout the Holy Land.

Est. Price: $2300to 2,500 per person (excluding airfare)
Duration: 9 Days




To walk in the Holy Land, to experience “the Fifth Gospel” of pilgrimage, to meet and engage with the local people, the “living stones” of the Holy Land… is far more than an inspiring tour. It is a rite of passage in one’s faith journey that will define life before and after. The tour programs of Holy Land Trust began nearly 20 years ago with a historic retracing of the “Journey of the Magi” from Iraq to Bethlehem and have carried the same mark of authentic, individual, and purpose-made pilgrimages for people of all faiths ever since.

Our spiritual pilgrimage programs range from open-brochure bookings to custom-made experiences for faith communities, small groups, families, couples, and individuals. Each program offers a unique experience designed for the specific needs of the pilgrims or pilgrims. Members of every faith, denomination, and confession are welcome to join us, based on their needs, interests, length of time, and price range. 

Est. Price: $2300 - 2,500 per person
Duration: 10 Days



Immerse Yourself and Experience Indigenous Culture

The Summer Encounter is our longest-running and most successful travel program. Participants are invited to discover Palestine through an immersive experience founded on three core principles: faith, culture, and justice. You are invited to join us for one of two back-to-back sessions taking place over the summer.

Based in the city of Bethlehem, participants are invited to live with a local host family; study Arabic with Palestinian teachers; and learn about the history, culture, and politics of the region through educational lectures and guided tours. Though a wide range of programming is provided to engage participants, those who join us will also have plenty of free time to learn and explore at their own pace. There will also be opportunities simply to relax and have fun with both fellow travelers and the new friends in Bethlehem that you will make along the way.

Est. Price: $3,900 per person
Duration: 22 days
Land transportation, accommodations during tour, meals, entrance fees, shared double room, licensed English speaking guide.
Not Included:  Flights, Travel Insurance.



Stand in Solidarity with Indigenous Communities

Each year, the Holy Land Trust proudly supports indigenous Palestinian farmers by organizing an Olive Harvest Program. Hundreds of participants join in solidarity to pick olives from their groves despite enduring harassment and destruction caused by Israeli military forces and settlers. Visitors have a chance to help out with this critical project while also learning about important issues facing that region during our fact-finding tours. Don't miss your opportunity to take part - come stand together with us in support of these communities!

Est. Price: $2300 - 2,500 per person
Duration: 10 Days




Embark on a journey through the Holy Land and experience its multifaceted culture firsthand. Travelers will be welcomed into their host family's home each morning with fresh Arabic Coffee, then explore religious sites as well as meet members of government, clergy, activist organizations - getting up close to all sides involved in this dynamic region. Hear stories from locals about life in Palestine & Israel while savoring delicious cuisine unique to the area for an unforgettable educative trip that touches both heart and mind.

  • Explore all the historical sites and political centers of the Holy Land: Ramallah, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Hebron, Bethlehem, and more!
  • Develop connections with leading NGOs that are working to create a better, sustainable future of peace and justice in the Holy Land.
  • Engage in over a dozen lectures that range from the themes of the Nakba to the construction of Jewish identity.
  • Eat all the authentic Palestinian and Israeli dishes you can handle!


Est. Price: $2300 - 2,500 per person
Duration: 10 Days


Bet Lahem Live Festival 


The largest creative resistance festival in Palestine

Over 25,000 people from across the globe come to Bethlehem Live to join in innovative social change
For four days dozens of panels and workshop convene to re-strategize ushering in an authentic community of justice and equality

In cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Bethlehem Municipality, Holy Land Trust organizes an annual summer artistic and cultural festival in the heart of Bethlehem. The reason this program was initiated is, despite the critical importance of the city both historically and religiously, Bethlehem previously lacked any annual cultural festival. Given that Bethlehem is one of the primary tourist attractions in all of Palestine, this seemed like a significant oversight.


Looking for Something?

All our trips provide spiritual direction explicitly customized for your life experience and faith. Our guides challenge you with open-ended questions and transformational exploration into the sacred and profound. They will not tell you what to think or feel but encourage you how to think... how to feel, to be sensitive to your inner voice, our universal conscience... the voice of God. Are you looking for a deeper understanding of scripture or your relationship to the divine? Our guides will help open up these potentially unexplored areas of the heart. Our tours invite you to slow down, open your heart to the "second gaze," and expand your capacity to see all things and places as sacred.