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Experience a life-changing spiritual journey to sacred lands around the world.


Embark on a spiritual journey through the rich tapestry of Turkey's biblical sites, where history and faith intertwine. Turkey offers a compelling mix of historical richness, spiritual traditions, and natural beauty, making it an excellent destination for the spiritual traveler.


Egypt Spiritual Tours

Experience a spiritual Journey of sacred sites in Egypt.

Embark on an Egypt expedition through biblical sites, where ancient biblical sites in Egypt and spiritual significance converge.


Get the Complete Experience

Holy Land 360 offers immersive tours and spiritual pilgrimages, providing spiritual, historical, and cultural context often overlooked by other tours. Learn from locals and spiritual guides, sample the food (and prepare it!), and experience the rich history, sites, and sounds of lands immersed in cultural and religious enchantment.

Customize Your Experience

Want to customize your adventure? No problem, we can tailor-make your trip experience to suit your requirements and aspirations. Below are just a few of the sites and locations you will encounter.




Partake in a journey of a life-time. See the sites, the smells, the sounds, and immerse yourself in three ancient cultures. Make unlikely friendships, and learn that we are more alike than different.


Explore the historic sites and sounds of the sacred lands. Walk through the cobblestone streets, explore museums and historical sites, partake in exotic and delicious cuisine, and encounter ancient cultures, people, and faiths.


Gain a deep understanding of the cultural and historical events that have shaped these lands, the current conflicts, and challenges that lie ahead. Learn from humanitarians and peacemakers as they share their hope for future peace and justice.


Nothing integrates you more into the fabric of society than working together, hand-in-hand on community-based projects. Collaborate and bond with locals as you work together to make a healthier society.



Holy Land 360 aspires to create immersive travel experiences that illuminate and broaden one's understanding of the Holy Land and other sacred site's spiritual, historical, and cultural foundations. With our partners on the ground, we are passionate about providing an experience that enriches your faith, deepens your understanding, and encourages spiritual transformation.



From a group of individuals, with varying motivation, we left as friends, not only with each other but with the people we met along the way and felt united as a group, bound by the shared and varied experiences which Holy Land Trust had given us. It was exhausting and amazing in equal measure, but above all, a once in a lifetime experience.

// St. Peter Church //

This program gives you a truly extensive immersion experience across The Holy Land. The community projects, the family visits, and access to policymakers sets this program apart from all the rest.

Marcus Owtram // UK //

My own Christian faith has been deepened from my experience. I have more hope for the region from having met so many incredible people.

Lauren Brownlee // USA //

The most amazing thing is how the Palestinians have retained their amazing spirit! I felt so welcomed by everyone I spoke with and met while at PSE. By the end of my time in Palestine, I had a new family that I loved... many new friends from around the world... and I am happy to let you know I consider Palestine my other home. Inshallah"

Lila Coddington // Middlebury/USA //

The tour went very smoothly. Adjustments were made appropriately to itineraries due to traffic conditions or time constraints, transport was comfortable and efficient, the guides were all informative and (mostly!) sensitive and the hotels looked after us well. We all enjoyed the food!

St. Peter Church // UK //

My time spent there was perhaps the most influential thing I’ve ever done, it has greatly ignited my passion for social justice and encouraged me to advocate for the ‪injustice of this conflict as much as I can.

Julia Brown // Summer Encounter Participant 2013 //