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Holy Land 360 Tours is a travel booking company located in Colorado, USA. We are passionate about creating life-transforming travel experiences to sacred lands around the world. We provide a holistic and immersive experience, giving a 360-degree understanding of the spiritual, cultural, historical, and geopolitical aspects of these enchanted lands.

Our Partnerships...


To accomplish this work, we partner with Holy Land Trust, a non-profit organization with over 20 years of experience providing safe, educational, and life-transforming tours, pilgrimages, and immersive travel experiences. A Palestinian NGO, Holy Land Trust was founded by internationally known peace activist Sami Awad. Their organization has lead thousands of life-changing tours and pilgrimages. Their mission is to foster peace, justice, understanding, healing, and transformation to all peoples in the Holy Land. We are honored to be working directly with them to provide wanderers, spiritual pilgrims, explorers, and sojourners an experience of a lifetime exploring and discovering all the Holy Land has to offer.

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EXODUS is a fully licensed travel agency established in 2002, with the head office in Cairo, Heliopolis. Ever since our humble beginning in the travel and tourism sector, offering tourists the best service has become the core strength of our firm, guiding thousands of tourists from all over the world to book their perfect vacation.


Sojourn Turkey is a fully licensed Travel Agency (Tursab License A-5626) operating customized private and small group trips around Turkey and Greece. Our tours maximize the opportunity to experience the beauty of culture, the depth of history,


We aim to love people. To bring people together in unlikely friendships by sharing culture, our time, and often food. We believe all people are created equal and deserve to be loved as such. Together we laugh, love, cry and grieve the same. By getting to know another's pain, we find that it is quickly learned how similar we all really are. Come and join us in stepping outside your comfort zone to experience the Middle East with the people who live there. Get to know their culture, eat their food, and enjoy the rich and incredible history that ties us together, one people loved the same by God. 


We create the space to heal the historical wounds of war, racism, and violence to transform communities and build a future that makes the Holy Land a global model for understanding, respect, justice, equality, and peace. We do this by:

  • Creating customized Holy Land travel experiences
  • Training on faith issues in the Middle East
  • Homestays with local Palestinian & Israeli families
  • Adventure trips, hiking, biking, and boating in the Holy Land
  • College credit courses
  • An adventure you'll never forget

Our Mission

Holy Land 360 creates immersive and transformational Holy Land travel experiences that remove the obstacles of prejudice and fear, facilitate unlikely friendships, and promote peace and justice across borders, walls, and faiths.

Our Passion

To create holistic Holy Land travel encounters that foster authentic understanding, justice, and lasting peace between all faiths, ethnic groups, and peoples.

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